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TEA MAIL   1 Set of TEA Mailing Labels
ACADEMIC_MEMBERSHIP   Academic Membership (Faculty)
ACADEMIC_MEM_RENEW   Academic Membership *RENEWAL*
IND_ASSC_MEMBERSHIP   Individual Associate Membership
IND_ASSC_MEMBERSHIP_RENEW   Individual Associate Membership *RENEWAL*
Next-Gen_Membership   Next-Gen Membership
NP_MEMBERSHIP   Nonprofit Institution Membership
NP_MEMBERSHIP_RENEW   Nonprofit Institution Membership *RENEWAL*
STAND_ASSC_MEMBERSHIP   Standard and Associate Company Membership
STAND_ASSC_MEMBERSHIP_RENEW   Standard and Associate Company Membership *RENEWAL*
TEA20_448   TEA 20 "Sports (Polo style)" Shirt
AOA_TROPHY   Thea AOA Trophy

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